Work Life: Experiencing an Acquisition as an Intern

Never in my work life would I have expected to experience a company acquisition this early in my professional career.

I was hired to work for Corvisa, LLC in October 2015. This was my first ever internship that would allow me to work (and pay the bills) while I go to school at MSOE full time.

I enjoyed (and still enjoy) working for Corvisa - name subject to change later in this blog post. My title was Software Quality Assurance Intern (yes that is a mouthful, just SQA for short). Working at Corvisa was great, I had an awesome manager who made sure I had enough work to do and asked me for my opinion on certain projects. As a SQA Intern, I was part of the Client Facing Applications (CFA) Team. My team was small (a total of six which included me and the UX guy).

When I first accepted this internship, I already had tickets booked for my Christmas break (2 weeks) to fly home to Hawaii for the first time since setting foot on MSOE's campus back in September 2013.

December 2015. I was home in Hawaii with my family. We were headed to Pearlridge Shopping Center to do some Christmas and window shopping. My brother pulled into the parking garage and was able to score a parking spot close to the entrance of Macy's where it would be convenient for my mother and baby brother to exit out of the Odyssey.

Right when the engine turned off, I felt my phone vibrate to indicate that I was receiving a call. The number on the line was not familiar to me but I immediately saw the Milwaukee area code when I scanned the number from left to right, 4..1..4. From this piece of information, I immediately answered my phone.

On the line was my manager from Corvisa! He was calm with his voice and asked me if I was keeping up with the company news to probe if I knew what was currently happening. Of course, I was on vacation in Hawaii and with my family so I did not want to disrupt quality time by occupying myself with other priorities in my life (i.e. work email). So I said "No". My manager continued with his calm voice to inform me that the company was being acquired by a company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. I would soon learn about the acquiring company, ShoreTel.

Learning about this, I did not know what to think. I didn't ask any questions and let my manager continue on with the breaking news. I felt a sense of relief when my manager said the following words:

"You still have your job."

The weight lifted off my chest and from that point of the phone call, I knew that I had to accept that an acquisition was happening and that I would still be able to continue my regular work functions when I came back to the office.

Because I was in Hawaii, I did not know the immediate impact of the acquisition on Corvisa. Entering the office for the first time after my vacation, I saw that it was a little quieter. Employees were laid off. Employees that I came to learn from and appreciated their wisdom and contribution to the company. Unfortunately, one of my teammates in CFA, was laid off...

This is where I came to learn that acquisitions are a huge effort that affects a lot of people whether the result is positive or negative. All I could do now is to show that I am a valuable employee and dish out my best work. To my fellow former employees, I hope you have moved on to better places and are able to enjoy the next chapter in your lives. Acquisitions are rough and a serious matter but it shouldn't stop you from moving forward to progress in your life.

Note: The postings on this site are my own and do not represent ShoreTel’s positions, strategies, or opinions.


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