Social Media: Finding where you belong with Slack

I was first introduced to Slack in my Sophomore year (2014-15) at MSOE through involvement with a student organization. Little did I know, that a simple communications platform would become one of the most beneficial influences in my life. From this student org, I was able to increase my usage of Slack once I discovered that there was an even bigger community outside of my school that involved the local Milwaukee community. Thanks to RokkinCat, a company actually created and ran by MSOE alums, I was able to participate in Slack more frequently. And this is where it all started. In the Milwaukee Slack Chatroom.

As a Software Engineer at MSOE, I always yearned and was anxious about the career opportunities in Milwaukee. Simply going to Meetup events was not enough for me to connect with local software experts. I wanted to chat more with these talented and intelligent people. The Milwaukee Slack room helped me immensely with forging relationships with these people and I would soon discover what it was like to find where I belong.

The Milwaukee Slack room allows me to ask Software Development related questions and general advice to local people who truly care. I am impressed with every member of the room and was able to meet up with some of them in person. I've forged the relationships that I was looking for and learned so much along the way. I am able to reach these people despite how busy my schedule is. These people became positive influences in my life. With serious chats to trading jokes, Slack made me realize how easy it is to get connected with others.

Now that Slack's popularity has grown immensely, more and more chat rooms are being created. From two Slack rooms, I have become a part of 9 rooms and have connected with so many people from various different walks of life with unique vibrant stories of their own.

My Slack Memberships

If you are ever having trouble "finding where you belong", I challenge you to become a part of a Slack Chatroom. There are many rooms out there on the web and you'll be surprised what you will find. Heck, I found a room dedicated to HoloLens Developers!

Good luck,


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