My Life: What I created at the Hack-N-Tell

What is A Hack-N-Tell?

Hack & Tell is an eight hour event in which a bunch of people sit in the same room, eat delicious food, and make something. There is no need for business models, customer validation, or precise pitches with highly designed slide decks. - via RokkinCat


Unity's Roll A Ball game ported to Mixed Reality (MR) and works with the HoloLens. This is what I created on a fine April Saturday in Milwaukee at Ward4. With a full day and a couple minute breaks here and there, I was able to pull through with a completed project to present to the audience. Below, you will find a neat picture and video of my creation. :)

The Picture

RollABallMR Still

The Video

If you are curious to see the code, the repo is here.

Roll A Ball Tutorial - Unity
Holograms 101 Tutorial - Microsoft

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