My Life: Live Streaming My Work

Local developers in the Milwaukee community have always been kind to what I have to share in fellow programmer speak. They have become great influences in my life and caused me to start creating new things. A few developers even influenced me to start a live stream. A live stream that showcases what I work on, on the side, while I am not busy with academia. Josh (a RokkinCat dev) and Gary (a Pidgin and ShoreTel dev) are the two developers that I have personally got to know and interact with. I have gained a substantial amount of new knowledge from these two and I was able to witness their respective live streams.

Josh is the mobile app dev guy while Gary is the back-end and tooling guy. Their programming skills are l33t and are of a quality level that I look up to. While they are able to sit down and code, they are also able to sit down and converse while they code. Both Josh and Gary's streams are social. They do their best to interact and converse with their audiences. To me, they show that they "care about their audience".

Streaming has never occurred to me as a feat that I could pull off. But the inspiration from Josh and Gary, have allowed me to move forward with trying to figure out how to stream. When I thought more about streaming, I figured out what I wanted to stream about. I wanted to stream about my passions. My passions for Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality development. Thus, last night, I started my first stream.

End result: I had fun steaming despite the technical difficulties that I experienced. I am not a natural at live streaming so this should not be a surprise. One of my best friends back home in Hawaii was able to visit my stream and so did Gary! There were also a couple of strangers (I believe) that were in the audience as well! With one stream session down, I have more to go. Now it is time for me to finish this tutorial for HoloLens!

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