Local Buzz: Milwaukee's Startup Showcase January 2017

I just gotta say that attending this event and other events similar just opened my mind again to the great talent and people that Milwaukee opens it's arms to.

The Startup Showcase by Startup Milwaukee truly was a showcase of how business and the general scene in Milwaukee is growing itself in the present and for the future. I took the time to talk to at least one employee, executive, or founder at all but one of the companies that were present. I learned about the business, their story, and their vision for the future. It was obvious to see the hard work and success that these local startups showcased. This is the faith and hope that I discovered in Milwaukee since I called it my second home back in 2013, that will one day make it the next big business and technology hub.

Everyone of the individuals who were part of this event are all improving Milwaukee in the most important ways. I learned that Milwaukee people are nice and are always willing to help. Being the little guys, they help other fellow little guys. Everyone wants to help each other grow and help Milwaukee grow!

To all the people I met, I hope you continue your journey to success and community growth. With all the challenges that you have already faced and all the future challenges that you will, no doubt, overcome, all of you will maintain that success and will only improve.

Cheers to the future of Milwaukee,


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