Life Lessons: Use Haters to feed your Success

"Haters" that is one of the words in the english dictionary that most of us are familiar with. This plural noun describes people who just basically "hate" and instigate negativity in themselves and/or other people.

I find that they waste their breath and time to just put down other people without even realizing the drastic effects that words have on other human beings.

Consider the well known phrase:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

Let's take some time to read and fully consume the message behind this iconic phrase. Basically it says that physical objects are one of the main methods of direct violence on one's well being. Then the second clause of the phrase goes to show that "words will never hurt me." To me, that is a false statement. Now, let's twist that phrase a bit and state it this way:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me."

Again, like with the first phrase, take some time to reread this statement and consume the message behind it. Let's focus on the second clause in the statement, "words will always hurt me." Now, how bold is that? Is it true? Of course! (to me at least). Why is that?

Well let's start the explanation and analysis here. First off, a word is a common object/entity in our lives that we cannot escape. Now when you turn "word" into a plural and group together another "word", then you get "words". What I'm saying here is that "words" are an essential part of our lives and we (unfortunately) cannot escape it.

But Gerald, why do you want to escape "words"? Are you trying to avoid them? Do you want to avoid what people are saying through their words? False. That is not my moral of the story for this post.

I want to shed light on the fact (yes, fact, without citing any sources), that words are double edge swords, they carry double entendres, and they have different meanings. Now, words with different meanings will usually foster different interpretations and thus, this is where we go back to the "Haters".

"Haters" use words in a negative manner. They use words that put people down or just plain out ruin their day. But there is one tool in everyone's arsenal that will allow one to combat these "Haters".

That tool is your BRAIN. You must learn NOT to involve your HEART when "Haters" use words against you. What you have to do is use your BRAIN to process the words of the "Haters" and twist them into positive words. It is your interpretation of these words that matter the most. Why? Because you are the atlas to your world. You are the boss of your life. You control what you do when it comes down to it. Keep using your BRAIN to understand positivities and learn from the negativities.

In the end,

"Use Haters to feed your Success"

I hope that you are able to read this blog in a positive light and set your egos aside. I want you to read with your BRAIN and not your HEART. (The heart can come after, to help you remember what I wrote).

Happy Reading,


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